Apr 14, 2017

Communication -- with Customers

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Looking for ways to communicate with customers as an integrated part of the Loyalty program.



PUSH NOTIFICATIONS through the app.

Currently I have locations using independent texting companies -- and gathering customer information -- and seeing great results from those texts.

I would really like to see a fully integrated way to communicate with our existing customers.

Apr 14, 2017Edited: Apr 14, 2017

Thanks Gordon -- This is great info, and definitely something we have thought about, and intend to provide: a way to reach those loyalty customers with promos, email campaigns, etc.


Although we don't have an automated way to do this right now, we may be able to work with you intermittently to provide a reasonable solution to this. If you're using our Loyalty, then we've got the data, and we can help construct a campaign or a solution that might work for you in the near term.


I think you've been talking to Nicole. I mentioned this thread to her. It may make sense to set up a call and I can explain what I'm thinking. I'll let her know and she can relay to you.

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