Jun 8, 2018

MUST features and solutions please!


Edited: Jun 8, 2018

Flip terminals for customers to sign, pay at table with tablet customers could enter the tip and sign like Toast POS, tablet size (10" and 12.9"), wireless connectivity, self-ordering kiosk, color white on the POS like Square POS and maybe another color too, and ability to generate a coupon ahead of time (maybe days in advance) and email it customers from the POS, not using email software companies, AND send out emails on anniversaries and birthdays: system should send out these emails automatically after we have created the special we want to offer for the party.


Jun 8, 2018

We do have pay at the table in a few variations. You can use the PAX D210S wirelesss EMV terminal which allows the customer to enter their chip card, and enter tip at the table. We can also capture signature on the PAX for swipe.


The POS also runs on tablets -- ask support for a list of approved hardware, and we do have the capability for them to sign on the tablet and capture the signature that way, as well.


Captured signatures also show up in our reporting site along with the transaction details.


Our Gift/Loyalty/OLO features also can capture the customer birthdate (using the app or on the loyalty/olo site), and I believe we have the ability to offer them a point bonus on their birthday. We are working on adding more tailored marketing campaigns as well.

Jun 8, 2018

Can you tell me what hardware you use for Pay At Table? FYI, I'm not talking about credit card machines like PAX you mentioned. I am talking about a tablet that can take orders at the table and also allow customers to make payments using a card reader attached to the tablet. You got that kind of solution?

Jun 9, 2018

Hi Scott,


Please contact the support team at support@emaginepos.com and they should be able to tell you a list of approved hardware. We do support some tablets and sign-on-tablet.

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