Jul 13, 2017

Product Mix and Payroll Detail Printing And Exporting.

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Hi Guys,


My company is unable to print certain views for Payroll detail and Product mixes.


For instance under payroll detail you can view just one person's information. We also need to be able to send that information to formor employees. This would be done by printing that person's personal information however our HR department is unable to do so. The printable version shows everyone's information at that location.

We need to be able to print and export the same view we have on the screen.


Product mix is fairly similar. Printing and exporting different views for product mixes by units sold is very important to us. Whether it by item category or by item, we need multiple views that we are able to see on the screen to also print.


Hope I explained this well. If you have any questions please let me know.


Thanks for your help!


Mitchel@tailwindconcessions.com (910) 352-4490


Payroll details about the printing and exporting the formation or have all products on this that were good to read. I need to have the customer list so I took it has my assignment help all information long with the partner details on it that was good to read among all on this.

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