Mar 31, 2017

EmaginePOS Checklist

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Pre-Installation Checklist:

Menu must be received from customer

Internet Connectivity (DSL / Cable)

Credit Cards Setup

Network Wiring 100BT (Cat5e)

Deposit from customer (75% of total invoice)

Pre-Installation Questions:

Name of Location


Phone 1

Phone 2


Contact 1

Contact 2

Billing Email Address

What is your desired install date?

What is the desired GO LIVE date with the emaginePOS system?

Is the wiring (Category 5e) complete? Or who will complete the wiring?

Is a Back Office PC required?

What are the 2 nearest airports, if outside of Michigan?

What are the closest hotel / motel, if outside of Michigan?

Oct 8Edited: Oct 23

Emaginepos wesite which is keep the data for secure your software from the hacking system which has too much I these days. They have also get your username grademiners review and password open in the next time and give the security to you.

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