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What Is an Abstract?

This is both an independent work and an appendix to a dissertation. This is something like the most concise overview of the whole work. Like a movie preview or a book summary. And such a work is written by the author of the main text. Yes, the abstract is just an addition to the dissertation. But this is her face. After all, not every member of the Academic Council will read all the material. And the abstract - each and almost in the first place.

In fact, such a text consists of the same paragraphs as the dissertation. But everything should be described as concisely and briefly as possible. Such work is a distillation from the dissertation, which should give an idea of the work. And at the same time from her strongest side.

Why editing is needed and how it happens

Even if a person is a humanist, studies the language all his life, writes without a single mistake, he is still a person. When working with large amounts of text, it is easy to miss a comma, put an extra soft sign, or forget about various rules. It is trivial to make a few typos. And the text editor in which the material is printed will not always highlight the misspelled word. Nothing to say about punctuation marks. And the author himself, knowing the work almost by heart, may simply not see this or that defect in the general text mass.

That's what editing is for. The editor has little interest in the content of the work. It is important for him that she be 100% literate. A person who sees the text for the first time in his life sees all the blots, typos and mistakes that are made in it. Simply because the look is fresh.

Careful proofreading of each sentence and word takes place. In addition, experienced editors remember that they are also people, and they can also miss something. And they use a whole list of spelling and punctuation checkers. As a result, after professional editing, the author of the work receives an ideal text by the standards of the English language. They will not be able to find fault with him and the chances of successfully passing a dissertation will increase significantly.

It is especially important to edit the abstract. It is stipulated above that it is read by all members of the council without exception. And if they find errors there, they will start looking throughout the work. And that doesn't bode well.

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